SAP NS2 Announced as Platinum Sponsor for MACH37


Steve Fehr, SAP NS2

SAP National Security Services will serve as a platinum sponsor for the MACH37 Cyber Accelerator, thus gaining access to information security entrepreneurs and innovators who make up the MACH37 portfolio. SAP NS2 will also participate on the MACH37 executive advisory board.

“The mission of our accelerator program is to help security innovators and researchers build upon their work to create commercially available solutions that can defeat the growing threat of attacks against enterprises and their users,” said Rick Gordon, MACH37 managing partner. We are committed to cultivating state-of-the-art techniques that will prevent, detect and combat these advanced threats. We are excited to announce the welcomed participation of SAP NS2, who shares our desire to push the cybersecurity industry forward as pioneers of innovation. SAP NS2 provides valuable expertise from the perspective of the national security mission and public sector market. We look forward to working with them to address the ever-evolving and increasingly complex challenges as we seek to foster solutions to the next generation of cyber threats.”

“Cyberattacks are an asymmetric and evolving threat to the security of our country,” said Steve Fehr, senior vice president, SAP NS2. “SAP NS2 is pleased to partner with MACH37 to advance and enable the application of innovative technologies to help defend the national security, commercial and critical infrastructure communities from these threats.”

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