Trowbridge & Trowbridge Completes HQ Expansion

Karen Trowbridge

Karen Trowbridge

Trowbridge & Trowbridge, LLC, a provider of information systems and solutions, has finished consolidating and expanding its McLean, Virginia, headquarters. The expansion comes on the heels of the company’s growth and will accommodate its increased staff.

Trowbridge’s main office is now at 1430 Spring Hill Rd., Suite 200, McLean, VA, 22102. The new offices are in the same Tysons Corner office complex (Tysons Dulles Plaza) and building where the office was previously located; Trowbridge now occupies the facility’s second floor. Its contact information remains the same.

“We are indeed fortunate that our recent and future growth will be sustained through our expansion into a larger, more collaborative workplace environment that empowers our team to effectively work in concert and better serve our customers’ needs with an even higher level of service,” President and CEO Karen Trowbridge said.

Trowbridge’s growing staff includes internal infrastructure support and external focus on business development. Robert Smith, chief administrative officer since 2014, has applied his technical and managerial skills to provide coordination across the company’s service centers during the company’s rapid evolution. Gregg Melanson, senior vice president of strategy and development, has been responsible for identifying and capturing new business.

“While we have added new talents and perspectives over the past 10 years, we have kept our small business touch, remaining agile and responsive to changing customer needs,” said Chris Brandell, chief operating officer. “This organizational philosophy has contributed to our outstanding performance record and excellent customer satisfaction ratings.”

Trowbridge plans to maintain and bolster its service integration capabilities in the civil and defense sectors. It will also leverage the systems engineering work it has at the Pentagon across various markets, implementing state-of-the-art technologies and gaining efficiencies to help customers address evolving requirements, shifting priorities, and increasing budgetary constraints.

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