Salient CRGT Opens New Offices in Tysons

Salient CRGT Offices

Salient CRGT Offices

Salient Distinctive Agile Lab

Salient CRGT Distinctive Agile Lab

Salient CRGT Innovation Center Technology Lab

Salient CRGT Innovation Center Technology Lab

Fairfax, Va.-based Salient CRGT announced the opening of a 33,370 square foot facility in Tysons which includes two distinctive Agile Labs, an Innovation Center Technology Lab and a Talent Operations Center. This facility is located approximately 300 yards from the Tysons Metro Station.

Brad Antle, CEO of Salient CRGT stated, “Our new Tysons Corner location supports the innovation, collaboration, and talent acquisition legacy of delivering capabilities and solutions within a cost-effective space to the D.C. region market. We are excited to expand our customer service with our continued commitment to accelerating innovation and talent acquisition needs while fostering a collaborative environment that our customers demand.”

The new facility features two Agile Labs focused on delivering functioning, usable and deployable software using Agile development practices. Fostering an environment of productivity and collaboration among customers and teams was the primary focus in designing the Agile Labs. Flexible and carefully configured workspaces were built to accommodate these demands.

Also included in the new facility is an Innovation Center Technology Lab. The primary purpose of this lab is to support hands-on use of technologies that clients are using today. It is equipped with Agile development products and a suite of modern open-source tools as well as integrated mobile and cyber security solutions.

The new facility is also expanding Salient CRGT’s Regional Talent Operations Center (TOC) to better serve the federal customer talent acquisition needs. In addition to the new facility in Tysons Salient CRGT also has TOC facilities in San Diego, Fairfax, and Tampa. In order to acquire the nation’s top talent these TOC’s use a combination of predictive analytics, social media, traditional recruitment, and outside-the-box sourcing.

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