FiscalNote Board of Directors Adds Former U.S. Army General Stanley McChrystal

Gen. Stanley McChrystal

Gen. Stanley McChrystal

It was announced by Washington, D.C.-based FiscalNote that it has appointed retired four-star general, Stanley McChrystal to its Board of Directors.

Tim Hwang, CEO of FiscalNote stated, “Stan’s remarkable military career and exemplified leadership skills will be invaluable resources to FiscalNote as the company grows and expands into the business compliance and international law sectors.”

McChrystal established the McChrystal Group in 2011. The McChrystal Group combines the skills and knowledge of professionals from different industries; military, academic, business and intelligence sectors to deliver innovative leadership solutions to American businesses.

Prior to forming the McChrystal Group, McChrystal served as the commander of the U.S. and International Security Assistance Forces Afghanistan and also as the commander of Joint Special Operations Command. He developed and implemented the current counter-insurgency strategy in Afghanistan and created a comprehensive counter-terrorism organization that revolutionized the interagency operating culture.

McChrystal said, “I had my experience in a military career but now I have five and a half years of experience in the business world so what I hope to do is be able to contribute in some ways to the challenges of a growing company.”

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