Dept. of Transportation Volpe Center Awards Changeis Inc. DASPSI Contract

Urvashi Malhotra, Changeis Inc.

Urvashi Malhotra, Changeis Inc.

Changeis Inc. announced March 8 that the Dept. of Transportation (DOT), Volpe National Transportation Systems Center has awarded the Data Management, Analytics, Strategic Planning, and Systems Integration (DASPSI) program contract to the company.

“We are excited to expand our services to the Volpe Center,” Changeis Inc. President Urvashi Malhotra said. “This opportunity will utilize our deep experience and expertise with the FAA and assist with the conceptualization, definition and planning for the future NAS, while providing the support needed for legacy system management.”

This contract provides technical and analysis support in strategic planning, data analytics, economic analysis, governance and integration. The technical and analysis support will enable Changeis to provide the Volpe Center and the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) with services utilized in the strategic transformation of the National Airspace System (NAS).

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