CNA Presents Risk Control Award to LGS Innovations

John McQuillen (CNA), Leilanie Esser (CNA), David Twigg (LGS), Eric Fedorko (CNA)

John McQuillen (CNA), Leilanie Esser (CNA), David Twigg (LGS), Eric Fedorko (CNA)

It was announced on December 22nd by Herndon, Va.-based LGS Innovations that CNA has presented it with the Leadership in Risk Control award. David Twigg, Senior Manager of Environment, Health and Safety accepted the award at the LGS Corporate Office.

The Leadership in Risk Control award recognizes LGS Innovations for its proactive efforts to establish a safer and more productive working environment for its employees. LGS Innovations worked with CNA in 2015 to analyze and enhance life safety systems to ensure the quality of operations would be preserved if a building fire occurred. LGS was able to minimize any negative impacts to life safety and business continuity with the help of CNA’s loss control experts.

“This award represents the collaboration between LGS and the CNA Risk Control team to mitigate a serious ‘at-risk condition’ that, if left unresolved, could have resulted in significant negative impact to safety and business continuity. LGS Innovations strongly believes in the importance of accident prevention and creating a safe work environment, and we are pleased to have our efforts acknowledged by CNA,” said Twigg.

John McQuillen, Product Liability & Technology Specialist for CNA stated, “LGS Innovations has taken a proactive approach to a safer work environment and product safety issues by educating themselves about common risks in their industry, identifying problem areas in advance and then implementing the necessary steps to help prevent an accident or business disruption from occurring. We consider LGS Innovations to be an industry role model with regard to these important workplace and product issues.”

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