With Clearsoft Acquisition, BRMi Transitions to Single Source Leader in IT Marketplace

Mike Battle, BRMi

Mike Battle, BRMi

Yesterday, the management consulting and technology services firm Battle Resource Management, Inc. (BRMi) announced its acquisition of Clearsoft, an IT services company that provides agile enterprise software development and systems integration to both federal and commercial organizations. On the heels of this acquisition, BRMi fills a critical void in the IT services marketplace, by becoming a single source for end-to-end capabilities that weaves business process innovation with new technology.

“There are lots of firms around the Beltway that can build what you need; what we think differentiates us is the ability to clearly define how the optimal business process and then building the right systems for that organization to get the benefits of real change – we now have deep capabilities on both ends of the spectrum,” said Mike Battle, founder and CEO of BRMi, which provides strategic consulting as well as mission application and infrastructure services to federal and commercial customers with the homeland security, defense, law enforcement, intelligence economic communities.

Prior to the acquisition, BRMi flexed its strength delivering unique expertise in re-architecting business processes – a distinction that helped the firm become a three-time winner of the U.S. Department of Homeland Security Small Business Achievement Award. “[Up until now] we’ve been able to only engage in a limited amount of application development, integration, and customization work,” said Battle.

With Clearsoft’s skills as an agile software developer for federal and commercial companies that span defense, healthcare, telecommunications, and finance sectors, BRMi can now more effectively help federal and commercial organizations move in a more agile, confident fashion from digital transformation concept to concrete delivery, in areas such as cloud migration, as well as software development, deployment and optimization, through innovative, cost-effective solutions.

“With this acquisition we now have the bandwidth to marry our visual analytics based business process improvement with agile application development competencies and past performance as well as cloud transition capabilities and strategies such as containerization that help our clients effectively move to the cloud,” said Battle.

“We have made the investment in this acquisition to broaden our portfolio of capabilities … to have a much stronger proposition in application development using agile as a strategy as well as in the cloud transition arena – to truly execute effective change for our clients,” added Battle.

For Clearsoft, the acquisition stands as the obvious next step in its own growth. “By joining BRMi, we are on the frontlines of setting a new standard for empowering organizations to rapidly optimize business processes and efficiency while accelerating overall digital transformation,” said John Mallonee, president of Clearsoft.

Industry analysts concur the acquisition provides BRMi a distinct advantage, particularly among mid-tier companies. “This acquisition by BRMi is a brilliant move and will provide BRMi with a clear differentiation from the competition,” said Jim Flyzik, president of the consulting firm The Flyzik Group. “Many companies offer various independent services – and many offer agile development – but having a single source that can take an organization from an idea to a deployed solution will position BRMi to offer customers complete solutions – this is a great move by the BRMi leadership.”


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