Army National Guard Support Task Order Awarded to Amyx

Satya Akula, Amyx

Satya Akula, Amyx

Reston, Va.-based Amyx announced that the National Guard Employer Support Program has awarded it another task order on the OASIS Small Business Pool 1 contract. Under this task order Amyx will be working closely with the National Guard (NG) service and family members to provide technical support and guidance with the evolving employment challenges and employment assistance programs. Amyx will be working to ensure program standardization and a sustainable continuity of service across the NG Community.

Satya Akula, CEO of Amyx stated, “We at Amyx are pleased to provide NG service and family members an Employer Support Community of Practice (COP) that integrates and leverages specialists and leadership enabling the program to be more effective, efficient, and responsive.”

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