U.S. Army’s STEM Programs to be Managed by Battelle

Jeff Wadsworth, President & CEO, Battelle

Jeff Wadsworth, President & CEO, Battelle

It was announced on October 12th by Columbus, Ohio-based Battelle that it has been awarded a cooperative agreement to administer the Army’s $185 million Educational Outreach Program for up to 10 years.

Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) is an area that Battelle has been committed to for some time. Battelle has experience in establishing STEM organizations; some of their successes include the Ohio STEM Learning Network, Tennessee STEM Innovation Network and national STEMx network.

Battelle will be partnering and leading a group of nine organizations, including Battelle that will oversee the Army educational programs. The team will include; Education First, Widmeyer Communications, MetriKs Amerique, Purdue University, the Academy of Applied Sciences, National Science Teachers Association, Technology Student Association and Tennessee Technological University.

Aimee Kennedy, Vice President of Education, STEM Learning and Philanthropy at Battelle stated, “The programs brought together under this initiative are some of the country’s most forward-thinking assets in STEM. Under this plan we will be able to bring new opportunities to students across the country.”

Jeff Wadsworth, President and CEO at Battelle said, “Battelle is proud to have a long history of collaboration with the U.S. Army. We will provide the same level of dedication and excellence to programs that grow the America’s future servicemen and women as we do to the innovations that help keep them safe.”

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