WashingtonExec Summer Reading List: Sid Fuchs’ Picks

Sid Fuchs, President and CEO, MacB

Sid Fuchs, President and CEO, MacB

Labor Day may have come and gone, but summer isn’t officially over yet. With a couple weeks left to go until summer actually ends, there’s still time to enjoy our annual WashingtonExec Summer Reading List. And who better to ask for book suggestions than Sid Fuchs, president, CEO and director of the national security firm MacB, and author of the book, Get Off the Bench: Unleashing the Power of Strategic Relationships Through Networking?

Check out what Fuchs is reading while summer’s still here:

Overcoming Your Strengths: 8 Reasons Why Successful People Derail and How to Remain on Track, by Lois P. Frankel. “A really good book about how to put your strengths behind you and focus on new strengths,” says Fuchs.

The Next Level: What Insiders Know About Executive Success, by Scott Eblin. “I think it’s a really great book on how to move from one level to the next,” says Fuchs.

When he’s not reading, Fuchs is wrapping up his second book manuscript. “It’s actually about skillset evolution and how to transform from an individual contributor to an executive over the course of a career.”

Stay tuned and happy reading!


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