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At WashingtonExec, we always have our ears to the ground for breaking news and intriguing stories within the government contracting business. We also know that our readers are quite busy, and yet they still need to know what is happening in the broader industry. Read our top stories in our latest weekly e-magazine issue. Below is information about two new exciting groups at WashingtonExec.

John Sutton, VP of Mission Solutions, Vencore

John Sutton, Vencore

WashingtonExec General Managers Council Lead by John Sutton (Vencore) 

WashingtonExec is proud to announce the formation of the General Managers (GM) Council, led by John Sutton of Vencore.  Fit executives are direct reports to CEOs or COO or equivalent and lead businesses sized between $50M – $500M in revenue. The group will formally launch next month and will provide a forum for leaders to share experiences and gain new insights in operating, winning, and growing services and solutions businesses across the federal marketplace. The Council was created to fill a void for General Managers, or equivalent, in order to address the needs of executives beyond day-to-day tactics and direct report issues. Problem-focused topics will include the future of govcon industry in 20 years, cultural implications of competing generations and resources, the art of M&A integration, management of abstract verse tactical goals of leadership teams, as well as adjacent market penetration. Find out more by contacting WashingtonExec (info@washingtonexec.com).


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