Finalization of Salient Federal Solutions and CRGT Merger Announced

Brad Antle, Salient CRGT

Brad Antle, Salient CRGT

The agreement initially announced on August 11th by Salient Federal Solutions and CRGT to merge has come to a successful close forming Salient CRGT.

The newly formed company’s Chief Executive Officer will be Brad Antle, former President and Chief Executive Officer of Salient Federal Solutions. Serving as the company’s new President will be Tom Ferrando, former President and Chief Executive Officer of CRGT.

Brad Antle, CEO of Salient CRGT had this to say of the completed merger, “Today begins an exciting chapter in our company’s history. We are pleased to announce the close of this transaction and the formation of Salient CRGT. This merger is a powerful combination in the Federal IT services industry. Together, we bring a more robust set of capabilities, and have greater overall experience with and depth of knowledge in technologies that matter most to our customers. Our experiences in Agile Software Development, Data Analytics, Cyber and Mobility position Salient CRGT for the growing needs in our market, and we look forward to working together as a powerful force in the market, leveraging our expertise to deliver a broader portfolio of innovative solutions across the entire federal IT market.”

Tom Ferrando, President of Salient CRGT said, “We are very excited to bring this transformative merger to completion. We are positioned to be the partner of choice for agency customers demanding value and successful outcomes. The two companies have exceptional past performances in delivering capabilities and solutions that significantly enhance the mission and provide high return on investment to our customers. Our focus on key technologies that deliver critical capabilities and solutions distinguishes Salient CRGT in the federal services industry. These also include highly specialized C4 Engineering, infrastructure, and mission specific training capabilities that are uniquely valued by our customers.”

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