XLA Unveils New Systems Delivery Solution BCAT (Business Capability Analysis and Training)

Bill Weber, President and Chief Operating Officer, XLA

Bill Weber, XLA

On August 11 Tysons Corner-based XLA revealed its newest offering, BCAT (Business Capability Analysis and Training). BCAT is a process that combines successful systems delivery with continuous learning.

President of XLA, Bill Weber said, “The value of XLA’s BCAT solution lies in the continuous instruction and coaching that our experts provide to government employees throughout the systems development process. BCAT leaves clients with the most valuable artifact of all – a well-schooled, continuous learning workforce.”

The intent of BCAT is to aid government workers in their navigation of the Investment Review Board (IRB) process. It does this by employing the Investment Solution Framework which provides guidance to achieve better documentation from the very beginning.

The BCAT Investment Solution Framework performs three tasks effectively; integrates the needs of each stakeholder group into all aspects of the IT investment lifecycle, defines, describes, executes and defends needed investments in individual business environments, and provides an environment of support to guide investment efforts in addition to side-by-side coaching along the way.

“The BCAT solution is best suited to mid-sized office systems development projects where government staff may be less-experienced in producing documentation for systems development projects. Our team helped a DoD customer rework a failed IT business case – and in only 3 months the case was completely overhauled and sailed through the IRB. Our efforts helped systems engineers focus on what they do best – getting IT systems built and working,” said Bill Weber of XLA’s new offering.

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