XL Associates, Inc. Launches xTract Cyber-Threat Mitigation Solution

Bill Weber, President and Chief Operating Officer, XLA

Bill Weber, President and Chief Operating Officer, XLA

On July 14th XL Associates, Inc. (XLA) announced the launch of its new xTract cyber-threat mitigation solution. xTract will help Federal agencies manage the millions of notices that the Government’s Einstein 3 Accelerated (E3A) generates while allowing an individual to take action immediately on specific network threats or malware.

“In the wake of the OPM data breach, agencies are looking for better ways to identify and mitigate IT security threats,” said XLA president, Bill Weber, President of XLA. “The government is relying on E3A to accomplish this, but E3A only solves half the problem – it stops known threats. xTract is the solution to solve the other half of the problem – it helps agencies find and eradicate previously unknown threats on their networks.”

Federal agencies receive notice of a detected threat under the US-CERT E3A program. Although E3A is able to identify and prevent potential threats, it fails to identify the specific threat or where within the agency the threat originated. With E3A generating up to tens of thousands of notices a day, it is up to the agency officials to identify where the threats are coming from and appropriate the correct actions.

“This is a real breakthrough for any Federal agency required to activate Einstein 3A,” said Weber said. “The natural human reaction is to turn off the hundreds or thousands of notices piling up every hour, but that won’t clean the system or make the threat go away. The only responsible solution for an agency is to manage the notices, which is exactly what xTract does.”

xTract takes these tens of thousands of factors and compresses them into just a few prioritized incidents. xTract then helps the officials react accordingly to prevent the threat. XLA has also developed a stand-alone “xTract E3A Diagnostic” which offers a way for the security experts to develop plans before another threat occurs.

For more information on xTract, click here.


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