LookingGlass Cyber Solutions Acquires Kleissner and Associates

Chris Coleman, President and CEO, Lookingglass Cyber Solutions

Chris Coleman, President and CEO, LookingGlass Cyber Solutions

On July 21st, LookingGlass Cyber Solutions announced that it acquired Kleissner and Associates. This acquisition is immediately following the successful raising oft $20 million Series B Funding as well as acquiring CloudShield. With the addition of Kleissner and Associates, LookingGlass is now able to use Kleissner and Associates’ Virus Tracker to offer customers more strategic technological offerings as well as to provide an opening for company for even more growth down the road.

“We have had a strong working relationship with Kleissner and Associates for the past couple of years, and this acquisition will allow the combined company to deliver new and innovative services to our current customers,” said LookingGlass CEO Chris Coleman. “Furthermore, this opens up opportunities for LookingGlass to expand our threat intelligence services to underserved down market customers.”

Kleissner and Associates’ Virus Tracker is a botnet monitoring system that catches over 3 million infections daily around the globe. This program will serve as a strategic launch point for LookingGlass to deliver threat intelligence services to the under-served medium and small business markets. This series of acquisitions is part of LookingGlass’ long-term business strategy to optimize its position in the cyber security industry.


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