Booz Allen Hamilton to Launch Internet of Things Initiatives

Mark Jacobsohn, Booz Allen Hamilton

Mark Jacobsohn, Booz Allen Hamilton

McLean, Va.-based Booz Allen Hamilton announced May 12 that the company will launch Internet of Things (IoT) initiatives, with a focus on security, mobility and analytics.

“By building end-to-end solutions, we can use our mission understanding to address the complex technical and operational needs within the connected enterprise,” Booz Allen Senior Vice President Mark Jacobsohn said. “Our goal is to deliver meaningful outcomes for our clients’ toughest challenges through IoT.”

“A core component of our innovation strategy is that we don’t go it alone,” Booz Allen Principal Walton Smith said. “Working with industry leaders and clients, we develop end-to-end solutions to real business problems.”

“Through one of our collaborations, we worked to develop a premise-aware solution that enables an organization to virtually control device power, network connectivity, encryption and access to operating systems,” Smith said. “For example, when a physician walks into a patient’s room, the device could automatically navigate to that patient’s record based on an RFID sensor in the patient’s hospital bracelet.”

“Together, Booz Allen and its partners will move past the IoT rhetoric to develop tangible solutions that will increase the productivity and effectiveness of the workforce — from improving hospital operations to reducing energy consumption, improving transit and increasing return on investments through advanced data analytics,” Booz Allen Executive Vice President Susan Penfield said.


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