TJHSST Principal Dr. Evan Glazer Receives STEM Champion Award at K-12 STEM Symposium

WashingtonExec Founder and CEO JD Kathuria and TJHSST Principal Evan Glazer

WashingtonExec Founder and CEO JD Kathuria and TJHSST Principal Evan Glazer

WashingtonExec presented Thomas Jefferson High School for Science and Technology (TJHSST) principal Dr. Evan Glazer with an honorary “STEM Champion” award at the 2015 K-12 STEM Symposium for his continued efforts in promoting STEM activities across Northern Virginia.

“I am honored to receive the STEM Champion award on behalf of my school as recognition for the work our students and teachers give to their communities,” Glazer said. “To them, it’s not just about achieving to great levels in their work, but also to have a sense of responsibility to nurture and inspire younger minds through service and mentoring.”

Glazer served as a co-keynote speaker at the event.

“I was honored to recognize Dr. Evan Glazer at our STEM Symposium,” WashingtonExec Founder and CEO JD Kathuria said. “Dr. Glazer goes beyond his duties as a principal at TJ; he works to ensure every child has an opportunity to pursue STEM activities regardless of what school they attend.”

In a speech entitled, “The Tiger, Dolphin, and Jellyfish Parent – Which One is Best for STEM?”, Glazer discussed the extent to which parents should encourage their student to participate in STEM-related programs as they get older. He also educated parents on different perspectives of how to engage their students in STEM-related activities in a way that will work for their families.

Click here to watch Dr. Glazer’s speech in its entirety.

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