Subsystem Technologies Inc. Founder, CEO Sam Malhotra to be on Leave of Absence While Serving as Maryland Secretary of the Dept. of Human Resources

Sam Malhotra, CEO, SUBSYSTEMs

Sam Malhotra, CEO, SUBSYSTEMs

Subsystem Technologies Inc. (SUBSYSTEMs) announced Feb. 25 that Founder and CEO Sam Malhotra has been appointed to serve as the Maryland Secretary of the Department of Human Resources (DHR). He will be on leave of absence from SUBSYSTEMs during his tenure in this Maryland State Cabinet position.

“This change is a typical reflection of Sam – moving on to a humanitarian leadership position,” SUBSYSTEMs President Dick Bodson said. “Just as he started SUBSYSTEMs 29 years ago with the best of intentions to serve the defense and safety of the United States, he is now going to serve the people of his home state, Maryland. We are proud of him. Chief Financial Officer, Shane Thrailkill, Business Development Sr. Vice President, MaryAnn Hoadley, our excellent staff of leaders and I will uphold the fine traditions and customer service culture established by Sam.”

“This leadership team has been very effective in organizing the company and establishing the infrastructure to fully support our customers, staff and teammates,” Malhotra said. “Solidifying customer support excellence and propelling the company into future technologies are our hallmarks. This team has been instrumental in almost tripling the company over the past 2.5 years. I have complete confidence that they will all continue what we established.”

“We wish Sam all the best, for the people of Maryland and because he is a great person,” Thrailkill and Hoadley said.

“We are successful because of the wonderful people of SUBSYSTEMs who have engendered customer loyalty though their dedication and competence,” Bodson said. “None of that is changing as Sam moves to this new phase in his life.”

The DHR is the state’s primary social service provider.

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