Intelligent Decisions Signs Contract With Infinite Skyz, Internet of Things Company

president and CEO of Intelligent Decisions

Harry Martin, Intelligent Decisions

Intelligent Decisions Inc. (ID) announced Oct. 7 that it has signed a contract to be the exclusive federal reseller for Infinite Skyz LLC.

ID designs IT solutions for the federal government, and Infinite Skyz creates, innovates and delivers products and services that allow organizations to incorporate the Internet of Things (IoT) into their operations.

“ID is excited to team up with Infinite Skyz to ensure federal agencies reap the benefits of the Internet of Things,” ID president and CEO Harry Martin said in a statement. “This partnership will significantly increase ID’s capacity to integrate emerging technologies that transform operations and maximize efficiencies of federal agencies’ most critical physical assets and personnel.”

“At Infinite Skyz, we aim to produce proactive maintenance and solve problems before they are presented,” Infinite Skyz VP Elizabeth Drake said. “Together, Intelligent Decisions and Infinite Skyz form a strong, innovative team that will integrate Internet of Things technologies in unique ways to help transform communication between assets. The result will be massive data and knowledge management capabilities for new insight, intelligence and opportunities.”

Infinite Skyz’s IoT technologies converts hard-wired signals from meters, sensors and equipment to Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and cellular signals for communication over the Internet. Intelligent Decisions plans to use the IoT Skyzbox Technology to help federal agencies better collect and transmit data.


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