Trowbridge & Trowbridge Wins Two American Business Awards for CMMI Appraisal

Karen Trowbridge, Trowbridge & Trowbridge

Karen Trowbridge, president and CEO, Trowbridge & Trowbridge

Vienna, VA-based Trowbridge & Trowbridge, LLC (T&T) last month announced it won two American Business Awards (ABA) for ‘best support team’ and ‘best support staffer’, the company announced in a press statement. T&T employee Sandra Steves was named “Best Support Staffer,” and both awards resulted from the company’s successful CMMI appraisal efforts.

“We couldn’t be more excited or proud of our staff,” said T&T President and CEO Karen Trowbridge. “These awards are very prestigious and provide tangible evidence that we deliver superior support to our customers. A heartfelt thanks and congratulations to the T&T employees who made these awards possible.”

The awards recognize the work of T&T’s internal support team in a CMMI appraisal in March 2014. Steves led her team through months of intense work and preparation, and the appraisal enabled T&T to improve custom applications development for clients. The support team ultimately provided T&T’s customer with unprecedented access to operational data, paving the way for increased efficiency and a reduction of errors.

“The challenge of delineating the required processes while still meeting customer needs was severe, but initial challenges presented us with opportunities to identify the crucial elements needed for success,” explained T&T COO Chris Brandell. “The team had done great work, but needed an on-site champion [Steves] to focus their efforts.”

T&T was one of five finalists in each of its two nominated categories for the ABA business awards program. More than 3,300 nominations were submitted this year from public and private organizations across the country.

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