Serco to Provide Parking Enforcement to Inglewood, Ca. Through $25 Million Contract

Dan Allen, Serco Inc.

Dan Allen, Serco Inc.

Earlier this month, Reston-based Serco Inc. announced that it will be providing parking enforcement, management of parking meter operations and traffic control operations to the City of Inglewood, Ca., through a new contract. Valued at $25 million, the contract has a ten-year base period and the potential for two five-year option periods.

“We have broad experience in parking management systems across the country and will apply our ideas and insights to develop and run a best-in-class parking system for the City of Inglewood,” said Dan Allen, Serco Inc.’s Chairman and Chief Executive Officer. “At Serco, our best asset is our people and as we implement the new parking management system, we look forward to delivering high quality and efficient parking solution.”

Specifically, Serco will provide daily parking enforcement, traffic control, dispatch and customer service via the contract. Additionally, the company will provide scofflaw enforcement by using license plate recognition technology, operations and maintenance of Inglewood’s 1,900 parking meters. Serco will also partner with the city to overhaul its parking enforcement guidelines and to establish performance standards for better consistency in parking enforcement.

Mayor James T. Butts said on the contract to Serco, “The City of Inglewood has a high level of confidence in the Serco team and appreciates their corporate commitment to form a long-term team relationship with the City,” said City of Inglewood Mayor James T. Butts. “The Serco strategy for start up, training, recruitment, commitment of startup resources, experience and team approach was the difference that distinguished them in the procurement process.”

This new contract will allow Serco to build upon its current success managing on-street parking regulations throughout California, including West Hollywood and San Francisco. The company also supports traffic management systems for both Georgia’s and Virginia’s Department of Transportation.

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