Launches Industries Business Unit, Announces Revamped Industries Strategy

Vivek Kundra, Salesforce

Vivek Kundra, Salesforce, a custom relationship management (CRM) software and cloud-computing solutions provider based in San Francisco, California, announced last week  it’s launching an Industries Business Unit as part of a new industries strategy to grow its business and transform client to company connection.

Vivek Kundra, the executive vice president of Industries at, will lead the Industries Business Unit set to deliver social, mobile and cloud solutions across the company’s six industries: financial services and insurance, healthcare and life sciences, retail and consumer products, communications and media, automotive and manufacturing and public sector.

Kundra said the company’s new strategy and business unit addition will likely alter the way industries understand the power of social, mobile and connected cloud technologies at the expense of more traditional business models.

“This is no small disruption; it’s a complete re-imagination of industries,” Kundra said in a company press statement. “We’ve only just begun to see the transformational power of the Salesforce1 Platform and the innovative, scalable industry solutions that we are delivering with our ecosystem of partners.”

The new salesforce strategy draws from the Salesforce 1 Platform to foster the building of a team of industry experts to develop an ecosystem for innovation across sectors, according to the company press statement released last week.

Salesforce President Keith Block, a vice chairman, said he anticipates the new plan will induce more companies to turn to when connecting with customers.

“As we look to grow to $10 billion and beyond, our new industries strategy is a huge opportunity for to expand our footprint within existing customers and reach new enterprise customers,” Block said.

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