Mindcubed Announces Software Platform for Analytics, Compliance, Modeling and Simulation


Habib Nasibdar, Mindcubed

Mindcubed, based in Arlington, has announced the general availability of GRID™, a broadly applicable software offering combining analytics, compliance management, and statistical modeling and simulation capabilities in a single, fully integrated platform.

GRID enables the on-demand, custom visualization of large data sets through personalized, highly graphical user dashboards; enforces data, policy and process compliance based on flexible, easily defined, customer-specific business rules; and conducts modeling and simulation of big data for trend, predictive and other advanced statistical analysis.

According to Habib Nasibdar, the company’s founder and chief executive officer, “Mindcubed strives to outperform our clients’ expectations, not over engineer their solutions. In the past, organizations would have had to acquire multiple tools to accomplish what we can deliver with GRID. Furthermore, these tools would not easily integrate within the existing technical environments. This translated not only to greater cost, but higher complexity as well. Implementations were extensive, and a virtual cadre of technical resources was commonly needed to support the combined solutions. By contrast, with the enterprise-strength, ‘all-inclusive’ GRID platform, we are able to rapidly and cost-effectively meet each client’s unique needs — whether the requirements at hand are relatively simple or very complex, with a highly flexible, adaptable, easy-to-use software product.”

Initially deployed to ensure sentencing guideline compliance, assess sentencing trends and analyze the impact of sentencing policy changes in the District of Columbia, the web-based GRID platform can be configured to support numerous business applications and initiatives where visibility, transparency, compliance, data modeling and simulation of potential policy/regulatory changes are required, according to Mindcubed. Examples of industries/sectors and applications ideal for leveraging the GRID platform include law enforcement, health care, taxation, immigration, national security, fraud detection, risk management, finance and regulatory enforcement.


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