A-T Solutions Inc., The Mayvin Consulting Group, Inc. to Participate in GSA Mentor Protégé Program

Dennis Kelly, President and CEO, A-T Solutions Inc.

Dennis Kelly, A-T Solutions Inc.

A-T Solutions Inc. and The Mayvin Consulting Group, Inc. have been selected by the General Services Administration to be part of a specialized GSA Mentor Protégé Program.

Under the program, A-T Solutions will mentor Mayvin by developing a tailored business development approach to assist Mayvin in acquiring more prime and subcontract awards, and create processes to foster future success.

“Mayvin is looking forward to working closely and collaborating with A-T Solutions in the GSA Mentor Protégé program,” said Carla Percy, president of Mayvin. “A-T Solutions is a longtime partner as well as a firm for which we have so much respect and with which we have a shared mission.”

A-T Solutions, based in Vienna, Va., is a recognized leader in counterterrorism. The company also has an operations and training center in Fredericksburg, Va., and offices across the country.

The Mayvin Consulting Group is a fast-growing, women-owned small business based in Alexandria, Va. The company provides a wide range of operations services to the federal government, including project, acquisition, budget, logistics management and mission support. Projects include work with the U.S. Army, U.S. Navy and Joint AED Defeat Organization (JIEDDO) as well as other government organizations.

“We are honored that the GSA has selected us for this special program with Mayvin, which is an outstanding organization with which we have previously worked with great success,” said Dennis Kelly, president and CEO of A-T Solutions. “As a former small business, A-T Solutions benefited significantly from being a protégé, and we look forward to giving back in a similar way. We welcome the opportunity to help Mayvin continue to grow and succeed for our government.”

Since 1991, the Mentor Protégé Program has joined large and small companies to help businesses expand the overall base of their marketplace participation to produce more jobs and increase the national income. The program benefits the mentor firms, which make the program an integral part of their sourcing plans, as well as the protégé firms, which use their involvement in the program to develop business techniques and strategies for success.


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