Ingenicomm: An Aerospace Engineering Firm that Takes Corporate Culture Back to the Drawing Board


As you walk through the doors of Ingenicomm, the first thing you will notice are the whiteboards. There are whiteboards everywhere: on the walls, in the cubicles, and free-standing whiteboards in the middle of rooms. There are even areas in the facility where the walls are painted to serve as whiteboards.

And these whiteboards are well used. They are covered in drawings, equations, tables and numbers. Mission requirements are being analyzed and decomposed, designs are being developed, and test plans are being prepared. In general, there is very little of the typical corporate facade; walking into Ingenicomm is like walking into the middle of a bustling engineering lab.

This atmosphere is not surprising, considering the culture the company cultivates. “We like to maintain a simple and straightforward work environment,” says Amit Puri, President & CEO of Ingenicomm. “Our priorities are to capture value for our business, but in return create greater value for our customers. If something isn’t necessary to achieve that, then we don’t like to spend resources on it.”

Founded in 2010, Ingenicomm has established itself in the business community as an innovative and dependable provider of specialized engineering services, and data processing and communications equipment for government and commercial aerospace missions. Ingenicomm has gained serious notoriety in a short time frame by successfully providing mission-critical solutions using a small group of innovative people following large company processes. Ingenicomm’s list of clients includes NASA, NOAA, the DoD, and a majority of the international space agencies. The company proudly states that Ingenicomm’s equipment is in use on every continent, even Antarctica.

Much of Ingenicomm’s success can be attributed to its unique corporate philosophy. Starting from the shared vision of the company’s founders to leverage advanced technologies and unleash innovation for the benefit of mankind, the company focuses on advancing that vision by instilling core values like integrity, flexibility, innovation, and passion in its employees.

Ingenicomm’s growth over the past three years has been nothing but staggering, and is driven largely by a highly motivated and efficient workforce. The company conducts periodic multi-day strategy meetings where the corporate culture is reinforced and team-members are re-energized. This approach has been very effective in providing value offerings and engendering customer confidence. With the range of their deployments, it is evident that that customer community has nicely embraced Ingenicomm services and products.

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