IBM Acquires Fiberlink Communications, Including MaaS360 Mobile Offering

Deepak Advani, General Manager Cloud and Smarter Infrastructure, IBM

Deepak Advani, General Manager Cloud and Smarter Infrastructure, IBM

IBM on December 18 announced it closed its acquisition of Fiberlink Communications Corporation, a Pennsylvania-based mobile management and security company.

The company made its initial announcement in November to acquire the cloud-based enterprise mobile management solutions vendor but did not disclose the financial terms on which the agreement was made.

The consolidation widens IBM’s scope of MobileFirst solutions as Fiberlink’s MaaS360 brand offering includes mobile management and security solutions that are cloud-based and utilizable for all-sized organizations.

IBM through its MobileFirst strategy aims to consolidate mobile resources to be able to support capabilities ranging from improving the user experience, managing “bring your own device” initiatives, and distributing security intelligence and trusted transaction capabilities for mobile apps, users, content and data, according to an IBM press statement released in December.

Additions to IBM’s offerings include mobile application management, mobile content management, an enterprise app container, and cloud-based mobile device management.

Deepak Advani, IBM’s general manager for Cloud and Smarter Infrastructure, said the acquisition pushes IBM to the top in terms of its mobile management and security capabilities.

“With the acquisition of Fiberlink, no other company can match the high level of mobile management and security capabilities that IBM MobileFirst provides across a full range of users. Building on Fiberlink’s rapid time to value, clients now gain additional solutions to quickly and confidently embrace mobility,” Advani said. “IBM continues to expand the number of cloud-based services we offer clients to help eliminate barriers to adoption and speed results.”

To learn more about the acquisition and what it means for mobile security, view this video posted on IBM’s Security Intelligence blog.

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