Salient, Inc. Opens Talent Operation Center and Program Management Control Center in San Diego, CA

Brad Antle, CEO, Salient Federal Solutions

Brad Antle, CEO, Salient Federal Solutions

Salient Federal Solutions, Inc. (Salient) has recently established a Talent Operations Center (TOC) in San Diego, CA. Salient continues to invest in building TOCs in order to ensure rapid delivery of mission essential personnel.

The company, a provider of information technology, training, engineering, and intelligence analytical services for agencies in the intelligence, defense, homeland security, cyber security, and federal civilian markets, continues to integrate its TOCs with its Program Management Control Centers (PMCC). Salient’s PMCC integration is a vital tool for providing support, visibility, and continuous monitoring of all contract related activities.

“Our Talent Operations Centers are aligned within operations therefore they are intimately familiar with the customer environments, their missions and their unique requirements,” said Brad Antle, CEO of Salient. “Integrating the TOC with the PMCC provides our customers with access to all of the Salient TOCs around the country and grants immediate access to real-time program status.”

Salient’s TOC draws on a resource pool containing more than 450,000 candidates. The talent evaluation process and dedicated facilities enable Salient to develop a comprehensive knowledge of candidates’ skills, expertise, and strengths, as well as their backgrounds, professional goals, and personality traits. The TOC significantly reduces program risk and drives mission results—by enabling Salient to determine with absolute certainty which people precisely meet customers’ requirements.

The new location in San Diego will provide state of the art technologies in Southern California. The PMCC is another tool that Salient utilizes to enable its program teams to deliver on its promise to provide high quality service and is comparable to a command center tracking every aspect of contract performance and mission support. It redefines the Contractor-Government interface with total visibility of all program details (including cost, schedule, performance, and risk) and the availability of information with video wall environments, workstations, and extended communications via secure mobile apps available for the Blackberry, Android, and Apple devices. The combination of the TOC and the PMCC available at this new location will allow for continued customer support in a transparent and collaborative environment.

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