CEO of Sally Ride Science Sheryle Bolton to Lead 2013 STEM Council Meeting

Sheryle Bolton, CEO, Sally Ride Science

Sheryle Bolton, CEO, Sally Ride Science

Sheryle Bolton, CEO of Sally Ride Science, will join business and policy leaders for the 2013 STEM Council Meeting on Wednesday, September 25, 2013, in Washington, D.C. They will discuss and present best practices in STEM education, with a focus on STEM careers.

The council meeting will feature a live-streamed Town Hall Conference Call that will bring together high-level decision-makers from the public, private, academic and non-profit sectors to identify common goals and patterns of excellence in STEM advancement.

The one-day event that will enable participants to learn from, and engage with, their counterparts at different organizations and companies on the topic of STEM education and workforce development.

“With its focus on career-readiness, the 2013 STEM Council Meeting is tackling an important issue in education,” says Bolton. “By connecting STEM concepts and projects to STEM careers, educators can help ignite and maintain student interest in fields that can provide greater economic opportunities for students and enhance our nation’s economic competiveness. Being asked to participate in the 2013 STEM Council Meeting is an honor that reflects well on the entire team at Sally Ride Science.”

The meeting will feature three unique panel discussions that include the following:

  • Finding Your Focus for STEM Corporate Engagement
  • 2013 STEM Innovation Task Force Panel: Accelerating STEM career Pathways
  • Best Practices in STEM Skills

There will also be a keynote presentation by Seth Harris, the U.S. Deputy Secretary of Labor.

The culmination of the event will be the Town Hall Conference Call, moderated by PBS President and CEO Paula Kerger. The event will also feature Jorge Benitez (CEO, Accenture), Anita Zucker (Chair and CEO, The Intertech Group), Eric Spiegel (President and CEO, Siemens Corporation), and other influencers featured in STEMconnector’s 100 CEO Leaders in STEM publication.

“We believe that combining our efforts with those of forward-thinking groups like STEMconnector can help engage and inspire students,” says Bolton. “Economists tell us that more than 80 percent of all jobs in the coming decades will require some kind of STEM background. It is essential that we help prepare students for those opportunities.”


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