Intelligent Decisions’ President and CEO Harry Martin an Executive Producer for Lee Daniels’ The Butler Movie

Harry Martin, President and CEO, Intelligent Decisions

Harry Martin, President and CEO, Intelligent Decisions

Movie Director Lee Daniels recently told The Hollywood Reporter (THR) that the story behind getting his latest movie made, The Butler, is a story that’s a movie within itself. And if that’s the case, then Intelligent Decisions’ President and CEO Harry Martin, would be one of 41 people playing a role.

According to an article in THR, it took 41 investors to make The Butler come to life. Those investors include Harry Martin, BET founder Sheila Johnson, former NBA star Michael Finley and Ukrainian-born billionaire Len Blavatnik. All together, those 41 investors put up $16 million for the movie and each received a producer’s credit.

After reading the script, Johnson, who took it upon herself to begin the search for the movie’s financing, called up the two original producers and said, “This movie has to be made.” She then arranged a meeting with Daniels and signed on as an executive producer. “In Hollywood, no one wants to step up to the plate to support African-American films,” she said to THR.

With $16 million from investors, the movie received the rest of its financing from tax rebates, foreign pre-sales and gap financing. In total, the movie received $30 million to be made and the Weinstein Co. offered another $30 million for marketing after closing a deal for distribution rights.

David Glasser, COO of the Weinstein Co., commented on the movie’s financing. “It’s a huge achievement,” he said to THR. “This is not your typical independent movie. It’s spectacular how fierce these investors were in their quest to get this movie made. Harvey and I love it when a group of unknown people come together like this.”

Read more about the financing of the film, released today, here.



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