Parallel 6 Releases its Capital Reach Mobile App for Finance Platform

David Turner, Co-founder and CEO, Parallel 6

David Turner, Co-founder & CEO, Parallel 6

Mobile technology company Parallel 6 recently announced the release of its Captive Reach for Finance platform, which allows banks and other financial organizations to stay in touch with clients. Captive Reach for Finance utilizes “Mobile as a Platform” strategies to increase the overall value per broker and increase top-line revenue for financial organizations.

“More and more people are building trusting relationships with brands through their mobile phones and trusting their phones to perform secure transactions,” said David Turner, CEO of Parallel 6. “There’s an opportunity to extend these trusting relationships to personalized experiences with each client. We’ve designed Captive Reach as a mobile platform in order to personalize the client experience with each advisor in the palm of their hand. With more touch points and relevant financial information, advisors can build closer relationships with their clients and ultimately have a more personalized experience over time.”

The Captive Reach mobile technology allows broker groups to better understand the interests of its brokers and clients. Captive Reach for Finance delivers results that include:

  • Drive interaction
  • Reward with real value
  • Incentivize clients to take desired actions
  • Leverage client-to-client referrals
  • Produce valuable insights
  • Incorporate learning into future marketing efforts
  • Reduce churn

Through the Captive Reach mobile platform, advisors can reach their client anywhere in the world, and can also analyze the categories that their clients click on through the mobile app. These insights give the advisor a better idea of the types of services the clients are interested in to keep them engaged.



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