LetMobile’s Secure Mobile Gateway Selected by The SI Organization

Mac Curtis, President and CEO, The SI Organization

Mac Curtis, President and CEO, The SI Organization

LetMobile Inc. announced today the selection of its Secure Mobile Gateway by The SI Organization, Inc. (the SI). The product was designed to balance corporate security needs with personal privacy concerns for BYOD initiatives, and improve user acceptance with a “hands-off my device” approach.

“With Secure Mobile Gateway in place, our customers have a unique, in-the-flow gateway to protect corporate e-mail and other web apps without disruption to the user experience,” said Eran Livne, vice president of Products at LetMobile. “Unlike other solutions that install a ‘container’ on the device, or MDM solutions that take over management of the entire device, LetMobile is non-intrusive, highly secure, and a very positive experience for users who want the use of their native email app.”

The Secure Mobile Gateway has no corporate passwords or data are stored on the mobile device – offering the strongest defense against loss, theft or malicious attack. IT has the ability to define, enforce and audit security policies consistently across all mobile devices. Also, the intuitive management dashboard gives administrators control over user and device access including access time, location, and specific content.

“It was important for us to effectively balance user privacy and usability without jeopardizing the security of our information assets,” said Steven DeLuca, director and CIO at the SI Organization. “We looked at a number of mobile security solutions for our BYOD program, including those using a secure container approach, but we found the user experience or security to be lacking in all cases. With LetMobile, we have a product that meets the information security needs of a defense contractor, and a business partner who will support us as our mobile security needs continue to evolve.”

He added, “LetMobile also provides very powerful data loss protection (DLP) and content filtering capability to control what type of data gets to each mobile device, which is critical in our industry.”

Dror Todress, CEO of LetMobile, commented on this new partnership, saying “We are delighted to welcome the SI as a new LetMobile customer, and look forward to continuing expansion of our operations in North America.”



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