Digital Management Inc. (DMI) Presenting Mobile Demo at Google Roadshow Event

Sunny Bajaj, CEO, DMI

Sunny Bajaj, CEO, DMI

Digital Management, Inc. (DMI) will be presenting a mobile demo at the upcoming Google Roadshow: Marketing in the Omni-Channel. The firm will lead a three-hour, in-person demonstration and executive briefing that will cover topics such as:

  • Accessing new revenue streams, increasing brand awareness and building customer loyalty
  • Making better decisions and providing more useful customer offers by managing big data effectively — including sales, marketing, customer, and geographic data
  • Improving web and mobile sales with Google search
  • Attracting more customers to brick and mortar stores with the help of Google Maps
  • Building web apps and mobile sites for customers more quickly using Google Cloud Platform

The demo will show how the retail industry can take advantage of mobile marketing tools and Google’s business offerings to drive sales and brand awareness. Sessions will be held at Google’s offices in San Francisco on July 9, 2013 and in Los Angeles July 11, 2013.


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