ASI Government Launches its First Mobile App for Virtual Acquisition Office

Kymm McCabe, President and CEO, ASI Government

Kymm McCabe, President and CEO, ASI Government

ASI Government today launched its first mobile app for the Virtual Acquisition Office (VAO). The app is available at no additional cost to VAO subscribers with smart phone and tablet devices and offers instant access to the VAO’s most popular features including, the Daily News, From the Hill and award-winning publications produced by the ASI Research Institute.

“I’m thrilled that, with a keen ear, commitment to excellence and collaboration with our customers, the ASI team continues to create new, innovative ways to provide value to our clients,” said Kymm McCabe, president and CEO of ASI.

The VAO is a subscription-based, fixed-price service offered solely to federal agencies to enable and develop the acquisition workforce.

“The acquisition workforce is more mobile and connected through technology than ever before,” said Lisa Akers, president of ASI’s Products and Solutions Group. “They have a need for timely information and learning on-the-go, and they get both through our mobile app.”

Like Akers, Balaji Ramanujam, ASI’s Chief Information Officer, also talked about the benefits of mobility. “The beauty of mobile technology is that it promotes the way we work and play in today’s world. ASI’s VAO app reflects the growing trend of accessing and sharing information with the touch of a screen, and it’s a great example of our customer-centered and agile approach to client delivery and engagement.”



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