Anjana Arora of Infinite Convergence on Mobility, Her Firm and What Inspired Her to Work in Current Career

Anjana Arora, Infinite Convergence

Anjana Arora, Infinite Convergence

Anjana Arora is the Vice President of Marketing at Infinite Convergence. She has 15 years of industry and consulting work experience and has worked for some of the largest and most successful firms including General Electric, PwC and Booz Allen Hamilton. At Infinite, Arora is responsible for creating and building the company’s brand and supporting the technology and technical teams.

She recently spoke with WashingtonExec about her move to Infinite, mobile technology and its impact on her firm, and what inspired her to work in her current industry.

Washington Exec:  You worked at Booz Allen Hamilton and General Electric – what exactly brought you to Infinite?

Anjana Arora:  I joined Infinite because of its impressive track record. Infinite has grown five to 5000 people between 1999 and 2012. The company has a great set of products and services and showed tremendous growth potential for the future.

Since I have joined, Infinite has continued to diversify its offering portfolio. One example of this is the creation of the wholly owned subsidiary Infinite Convergence. Infinite Convergence was formed as a result of an alliance between Infinite Computer Solutions and Motorola (now Nokia Siemens Networks). Convergence is a leading next-generation wireless messaging and mobility solutions provider for carriers and enterprises.  I am now the VP-Marketing of the organization and enjoy sharing information about our products and services with a larger audience.

Washington Exec:  How has the company embraced mobile technology?

Anjana Arora:  Infinite Convergence is all about mobility. We enable communications in today’s mobile environment. Infinite Convergence has a focus on innovation and is developing solutions for both wireless carriers and enterprises for improving the exchange of mobile messages. According to industry studies, mobile messaging is the most effective way of exchanging information. People are much more responsive to mobile messaging than email and certainly paper mail. Our most recent mobile messaging survey shows 78 percent of people are within arm’s length of their phone more than 10 hours a day; and 91 percent usually check their mobile messages once every 15 minutes.  Mobility for Infinite is not only a significant focus, but it is also one of the strongest areas of growth.

Washington Exec:  Would you agree that mobility for the most part helps firms to be more efficient?

Anjana Arora:  Yes, absolutely. With the US having a wireless device penetration rate of >100%, mobile communication is an absolute necessity for organizations to increase efficiency and become more competitive. Businesses that use mobile messaging to exchange information can use it to increase employee engagement, foster customer loyalty and enhance communications in the business industry. I think that immediate impact of mobile communication is remarkable. One statistic that I find interesting is that 85 percent of people that receive a text message will respond to it within one hour. This is made possible because mobile messaging is the same across the world.  So whether you are trying to reach someone in Africa or Europe or Asia – it’s the same technology and everybody is connected. There isn’t a better way to communicate.

Washington Exec:  Do you have a favorite mobile app?

Anjana Arora:  Text messaging is the app that I use the most. I am a big fan.

Washington Exec:  What are your hobbies?

Anjana Arora:  I enjoy activities I can do with my three girls. My children have become my new favorite hobby.

Washington Exec:  What or who inspired you to work in your current industry?

Anjana Arora:  I am inspired to work in this industry by the Infinite Convergence team, products and services. It is a good feeling to share information about offerings you strongly believe in.


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