WashingtonExec E-Magazine: News You Need to Know

Deb Alderson, SRA International, Inc.

If you’ve missed our executive Q&A’s, this latest issue of WashingtonExec’s e-magazine might just be your favorite. Check out our full stock of interviews with executives like Deb Alderson, Leslie Steele, Jesse O’Gorman, Doug Stuck, Dan Barahona, Gary Shiffman, Ed Granstedt, Dan DeVries, Maggie Bauer, Jason Bloomberg, and Maria Horton. The Dusty and Chelsey Wince daddy-daughter duo is our latest family in government contracting feature.

We have our usual local event coverage, executive transition news, federal contracting award coverage, STEM news, guest columnists, business news you need to know, and several upcoming save the date’s for you. Be sure to check that all out and much more in the latest issue here.




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