Salient’s IPv6 Products and Services Director, Jeremy Duncan, to Present at 2013 North American IPv6 Summit

Bill Parker, Salient Federal Solutions

It was announced by Salient Federal Solutions, Inc. (Salient) today that IPv6 Products and Services’ Director, Jeremy Duncan, will be presenting at the North American IPv6 Summit 2013, After 2012: Internal Enterprise IPv6 Transition Best Practices. The summit, with a focus on the advancement and adoption of IPv6, will take place April 17th to 19th in Denver, Co.

“Many agencies are now taking the essential steps to transition from IPv4 to IPv6,” said Salient COO Bill Parker. “Salient continues to be in the forefront to support protecting our customers’ infrastructure from the threats and vulnerabilities. In addition to successfully providing support for IPv6 adoption, perhaps, even more importantly, we are defending our customers’ networks from IPv4 and IPv6 cyber-attacks and exploitation.”

Salient’s Duncan is a recognized thought leader in the IPv6 community and a leading IPv6 network and cyber security specialist. At the summit, he will be able to discuss the lessons learned on enterprise IPv6 transition implementations, securely deploying IPv6 on those networks, and how to strengthen an organization’s overall global security posture. Other cyber security specialists will also be on hand to speak to IPv6 architecture and design, and how agencies can better protect themselves undergoing a seamless transition.

Networks that fail in monitoring IPv6 traffic give attackers a chance to bypass firewalls and intrusion detection systems, thus supporting covert communications and aiding in exfiltration of data. As security controls must be put in place to identify risks and fix them, Salient’s Assure6 is the first cyber security solution that provides customers’ protection, monitoring, and mitigation that can be deployed in untrusted locations with minimal loss risk.

Forbes Magazine has recognized Salient as one of America’s Most Promising Companies. Just last month, Salient was awarded a $140 million IDIQ contract.

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