INDUS Executive George Centeno Wins 2012 Contractor of the Year Award

George Centeno, INDUS

For the second time in a row, INDUS‘ George Centeno won the Defense Information Systems Agency (DISA) 2012 Contractor of the Year Award. The executive was honored for his excellent contributions to DISA’s Integrated Information Management Systems (IIMS) contract.

“What a tremendous achievement winning this prestigious award from among a tough group of competitors, especially for the second year in a row!”said Shiv Krishnan, INDUS’ chairman and CEO. “All of us at INDUS salute you for your commitment to customer satisfaction and dedication to excellence.  INDUS is where it is because of dedicated professionals like you,” he added.

For IIMS, INDUS provides technical support services to assist customers in fulfilling mission critical responsibilities. The IIMS contract supports all aspects of information technologies within the DoD. Centeno is credited with playing a key role in an emergent mission task from the customer’s leadership team.



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