SAVE THE DATE: 2013 Helios Apollo Awards May 29th

Kathy Albarado, Helios HR

Helios HR (Helios) is calling for nominations for their 2013 Helios Apollo Awards, which will be held May 29th as a part of the Helios Apollo Awards Ceremony in the McLean Hilton. This year, Helios HR is adding two industry awards exclusive to the non-profit and government sectors.

“Employers are increasingly embracing employee development programs as a key driver of employee retention, revenue generation and competitive advantage, and we have seen a dramatic year-over-year rise in both the number and quality of Apollo Awards nominations,” said Helios HR CEO, Kathy Albarado. “We encourage companies to come forward to share best practices and garner much-deserved recognition for stand-out employee development programs.”

The panel will be made up of recognized workforce development authorities and business leaders, who will comb through factors such as the employee onboarding process, opportunities for mentoring, innovative programs or opportunities to develop leadership skills through charitable community involvement, and the impact of a program(s) on an individual and the organization.

The deadline for nominations is Friday, February 15th. To submit your nomination and/or get more information, please go here.

Kathy Albarado was recently appointed to The Tower Club Board of Governors-read on here.

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