SAVE THE DATE: “Big Data Analytics in the New Budget Reality” February 27th

Ira “Gus” Hunt

Technology Leadership Series 2013: “Big Data Analytics in the New Budget Reality” will be held today at The Hamilton Live in  Washington, D.C., from 1:30 to 5:45 p.m. The event aims to bring together top industry data analytics providers with speakers from civilian and DoD agencies to provide an overview of successful big data case studies in the federal government.

GTSI Corporation and Federal Computer Week announced the speaker line-up:

-Troy Gilbert, Operations Division Chief, Defense Counterterrorism Center, Defense Intelligence Agency.
-Mike Howell, Deputy Program Manager, Information Sharing Environment, Office of the Director of National Intelligence.
-Ira “Gus” Hunt, Chief Technology Officer, Office of the Chief Information Officer, Central Intelligence Agency.
-Shawn Kingsberry, Assistant Director for Information Technology and Chief Information Officer, Recovery Accountability and Transparency Board.
-Simon Szykman, Chief Information Officer, Department of Commerce.
-Don Upson, Former Secretary of Technology, Commonwealth of Virginia.

To learn more about this event and/or to register, please go here.

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