SAIC Launches Cloud-Based Big Data Ingestion Platform

John Thomas, SAIC

Science Applications International Corporation (SAIC) just introduced DigitalEdge™, a versatile big data software platform capable of real-time, high-volume data ingestion and processing. Pulling from a variety of complex data sources organizations can now streamline business operations and enable decisive action on cyber security threats, electronic financial fraud detection, medical research and digital anomalies.”DigitalEdge’s advanced ingestion ability can ignite innovative strategies for our clients by enhancing their ability to reach and correlate diverse data sets to create context rich information – which advances real-time decision making. This is important first stage to the big data life cycle that sets a strong foundation for deep analytics,” John Thomas, SAIC group president of Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance.DigitalEdge is the first technology release from a family of Critical Insight™ big data optimization solutions for the enterprise.  Large organizations in industries such as energy, financial services, health, national security and telecommunications can now benefit from the solutions ability to manage and interpret high volume data in real-time and more efficiently. The platform can process billions of data records per day while providing situational awareness based on user-defined alerting criteria.The platform runs in private, public and hybrid cloud environments and can provide output to a number of NoSQL data stores based upon customer needs. Additionally, DigitalEdge can easily integrate with legacy systems, ingesting and analyzing data that an organization currently generates.”Live correlation of massive amounts of disparate data in-stream gives organizations their first glimpse of actionable digital intelligence with activity-based, contextual information to drive business decisions,” said Gulu Gambhir, SAIC Senior Vice President, Group Chief Technologist Officer. .google {left:100%;display:inline-block;position:fixed}

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