B. Chatterjee’s Outlook for 2013: CNSI to Focus on Federal and State Healthcare Market

B. Chatterjee, CNSI

WashingtonExec 2013 Government Contracting Outlook Series:

The new year brings big changes for the Federal IT industry, and WashingtonExec is back with its Government Contracting Industry Outlook Series.

We are giving local executives the opportunity to share their thoughts on where they see our industry headed this year and beyond. Leaders were asked a series of questions focused on cloud computing, healthcare IT, defense, mobility, and more.

B. Chatterjee, co-founder and CEO of CNSI, spoke with us about his insights into 2012 last year. This year, he’s back with his predictions for 2013.

“Looking at a Crystal Ball and predicting the future business landscape is usually a hit-or-miss exercise. Nevertheless, we know that “coming events cast their shadow before”.  Political indecisiveness and elections last year brought much uncertainty in the government contracting arena. With the future of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act decided by the Supreme Court we know that the country’s health care marketplace will be revamped to bring in much needed efficiency. Another reality is that the budget pressures for government will create an even more competitive landscape. What this means is that companies will have to continue to demonstrate their value proposition to their customers, will have to drive innovation to bring in efficiencies and develop solid partnerships to either acquire or maintain them. We enter 2013 with a very realistic view of the market. I believe, the key areas that will continue to show growth in 2013 include health care IT, cyber security, cloud computing, mobility and data analytics. I also think only those businesses which made strategic moves in these spaces in 2012, those businesses that can do “more with less” and those who understand their customers’ needs will succeed in this market.

With our country’s economic growth almost flat and limited major contracting opportunities on the horizon, large companies will be looking more aggressively for strategic areas to augment their growth goals. Similarly, with foreign markets and bonds resulting in lower than expected results, we will see private equity players expanding their footprint into key government contracting markets. With the government expanding its role for oversight and enforcement, these business areas will also play a big role in 2013. Additionally, shared services will continue to be viewed as a major component of cost reduction for government agencies. However, unless the governance issues (both legal and programmatic) are addressed, we will continue to see churn in this area. Lastly, we are very fortunate that CNSI has focused on the Federal and State Healthcare market for the last few years. We are ideally situated in 2013 for both growth and delivery. I wish your readers a very happy and blessed New Year.”



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