The United Kingdom’s G-Cloud Framework Sees New Venture with

Vivek Kundra, Salesforce is making moves in the United Kingdom. As reported on Yahoo Finance, the enterprise cloud computing leader is joining the G-Cloud Framework of the British government.

The article states that this move will make it so “U.K. public sector organisations can now procure’s trusted cloud computing applications and platform via the G-Cloud CloudStore to innovate and transform for the social era.”

“Record government deficits, failed legacy IT programs, and a lack of public sector innovation have created a tipping point for cloud computing,” said executive vice president for emerging markets Vivek Kundra. “The G-Cloud represents the innovative path and is evidence of the unstoppable momentum of cloud computing in governments around the world.”

According to the article, the new framework “underpins a Cloud-First approach by the U.K. government that fundamentally changes the way U.K. public sector organisations procure and operate information technology” for improvement.

Denise McDonagh, director of G-Cloud Programme, and Home Office director of IT strategy and delivery, spoke more about the new framework, saying,  “The G-Cloud programme presents a huge opportunity for public sector organisations to improve efficiencies through cloud services and provides the potential for further innovation. As a result we are pleased to expand the G-Cloud framework with We are working hard to continually advance the framework to ensure that it develops in-line with the needs of the public sector and enables us to make best use of new and emerging technologies.”

The article also makes mention of the international impact has had with global governments in Windsor, Maidenhead, and Japan to name a few.

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