Intelligent Decisions Inc. Serves as Premier Partner of The Camaraderie Foundation

Harry Martin, Intelligent Decisions

Intelligent Decisions (ID), Inc. and the Camaraderie Foundation have announced that the company will serve as a premier partner of the nonprofit foundation based in Orlando.

The Camaraderie Foundation serves military families by building a strong community of support in the form of vital supplemental counseling and emotional and spiritual support for re-deployed soldiers, marines, sailors, airmen, reservists and guardsmen, as well as their families.

With warriors and their families facing Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), traumatic brain injury, divorce, substance abuse, spousal abuse, and child abuse, among other problems, the Camaraderie Foundation, through securing financial assistance from the private sector, supplements and adds to existing government programs.

“The struggles our service members, veterans, and their families face after multiple deployments during this 11 year war have been great,” said Camaraderie Foundation Executive Director Tammy Knowles. “The suicide rates are among the highest our military has seen, the unemployment rates for veterans are significantly higher than the national average, and their children have anxiety and more challenges in school than their peers. Together with the support of the community and companies like Intelligent Decisions, we are able to make a difference in the lives of the military families who reach out for support.”

The Camaraderie Foundation offers 85 percent scholarships to qualifying military service members and their families to help combat the invisible wounds of war. As a supplement to what is offered by the military, these private sessions are conducted by licensed professionals and include anything from marital counseling to dealing with symptoms of post-traumatic stress disorder.

Through its C.A.M. (community and military) programs, Camaraderie offers comprehensive services such as C.A.M. Family Fun Days, C.A.M. Nights, and C.A.M. Groups. For more information on C.A.M, visit their website.

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