Serco Inc. Air Traffic Controllers Win Excellence Award

Steve Christmas, Serco

Air traffic controllers in Eagle, Colo. working for Serco Inc. have won the Air Traffic Control Association’s Earl F. Ward Memorial Award, which they will receive at the association’s annual conference next month.

Two years ago, the History Channel named the Eagle County Regional Airport the eighth “Most Extreme Airport” for its mountainous terrain, altitude and weather conditions. Travelers experienced frequent flight delays during the winter.

Under Air Traffic Manager Milton Souza, the control tower decided to turn things around, meeting with customers, Serco and FAA officials to brainstorm solutions.

Focusing on customer service, new procedures and equipment, they have reduced the number of delays 98 percent and delay times by 86 percent.

“Serco is extremely proud of the team at Eagle Tower,” said Steve Christmas, Serco’s Aviation vice president. “Their dedication, hard work and innovation have dramatically improved the safety and efficiency of air traffic services at Eagle.  The quality of the aviation experience at Eagle has improved significantly as a result of their commitment to the concept of providing air traffic control as a ‘service.'”

The company runs 64 air traffic control towers in the U.S., who manage about 9 million commercial flight passengers each year.

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