MacAulay-Brown, Inc Wins Two-Year, Multi-Million Dollar Contract

Sid Fuchs, CEO of MacAulay-Brown, Inc.

MacAulay-Brown, Inc. (MacB) was awarded a two-year, multi-million dollar contract by the United States Air Force to support the Air Force National-Tactical Integration (AF NTI) branch at Lackland Air Force Base.

MacB is a leading National Security company providing innovative engineering and technical solutions to Defense, Intelligence, Homeland Security and Federal agencies.

Under the terms of the AF NTI contract, MacB’s Information Dominance Division, within its Cyber Systems Group, will provide Signals Intelligence (SIGINT) analysts at major military bases throughout the United States. MacB will also provide liaison support to the 70th and 480th Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance (ISR) Wings at Fort Meade and Langley AFB, respectively.

The National Intelligence Communities’ (NIC) collection, reporting, and analysis capabilities directly feed into the Combined Air and Space Operations Center’s (CAOC) planning, threat analysis, targeting and assessment processes in support of joint and coalition operations. AF NTI facilitates this process, also providing a framework standardizing national intelligence contributions to the air component while improving critical two-way interaction support with the NIC.

“For more than seven years, we have supported the AF NTI contract, partnering with the Air Force to increase the Nation’s ISR capabilities,” said William “Bull” Pratt, Senior Vice President of MacB’s Information Dominance Division. “MacB analysts are on the front line of providing the chain of command with the critical SIGINT they need to make informed decisions.”



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