Paragon Software Joins Open Dictionary Alliance

Paragon Software Group has joined the Open Dictionary API Alliance (ODAA), an open community of dictionary publishers, allowing mobile app developers help users around the world read information in their own languages – for free.

“Paragon Software brings the API Alliance and third-party software developers its 19 years of mobile dictionary, multi-language handwriting recognition and translation tool development expertise for all popular platforms.  Our partners include the world’s top publishers, such as Oxford, Merriam-Webster, Encyclopaedia Britannica, and many others,” said Alexander Zudin, Paragon’s CEO. “It’s a two-way benefit for both developers, who can offer their apps to any language audience, and smartphone users, who can access any app they want without limitation to the language barrier.”

Thanks to the non-commercial alliance, developers and organizations such as Geometer Plus LLC, which used Paragon’s translation feature in its e-reader app, can integrate translation and dictionary support in apps for Android and iOS users who speak over 30 languages.





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