CACI and Laser Energetics Partner to Provide Dazer Lasers to Federal Government

Dan Allen, CACI

CACI International, Inc. has joined with Laser Energetics, Inc., makers of Dazer Laser Light Fighting Technologies, to provide the federal government a line of non-lethal laser optical distracting devices. Law enforcement, military and homeland security agents can use the devices to temporarily blind combatants or suspects.

The line includes low weight hand-held and weapon-mounted lasers, which are safe for close combat or crowd control and useful at long ranges.

“In the C4ISR arena, there is a growing demand from combatant commanders, law enforcement officers, and governments worldwide for non-lethal weapons capabilities. As a result, many governments, led by the United States, are entering into non-lethal weapons research, design, and procurement, covering the full spectrum of public safety, law enforcement, crowd control, and asymmetric warfare,” said Dan Allen, CACI president and CEO.”CACI and Laser Energetics intend to be the leading solution providers in this field.”






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