Intelligent Decisions Contract to Provide Air Force with Tablets

Harry Martin, Intelligent Decisions, Inc.

The Air Force has awarded federal IT provider, Intelligent Decisions, Inc. (ID), an e-tools contract to provide technicians on air force bases worldwide with new, durable tablet computers.

ID and Panasonic are teaming up to produce the Panasonic Toughbook H2 tablet, so technicians can access information they need to make repairs or during critical missions.

The Toughbook H2 will feature an all-weather design, daylight-readable touchscreen, built-in handle and extended battery life. It will also include the Windows 7 Professional operating system, and digitized manuals and technical order forms.

President and CEO Harry Martin said that ensuring successful missions means having the right tools and resources to help keep our U.S. Air Force fleet running smoothly, and the dedicated men and women of our military safe.

The company is the only rugged Panasonic tablet provider for air force bases. It also provides the Toughbook 31 fully rugged and Toughbook 53 semi-rugged notebooks.



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