INSA Now Accepting Nominations for 2012 Achievement Awards

Ellen McCarthy, INSA

The Intelligence and National Security Alliance (INSA) is accepting nominations for this year’s Achievement Awards. The organization brings together members from academia, government and the private sector to collaborate on intelligence and national security issues.

The organization honors exceptional young professionals every year for their work as first responders, military personnel, businesspeople, academics or public servants. The 2012 awards will also honor an international intelligence partner for the first time.

“Each year, INSA is pleased to shine the spotlight on outstanding young men and women who have dedicated themselves to serving their country so early in their professional careers,” said Ellen McCarthy, President of INSA. “The leadership and commitment of these individuals is an inspiration to the intelligence and national security communities. We look forward to reviewing the impressive nominations we will receive in the coming months and know that the awards will go to our best and brightest future leaders.”

The deadline to submit nominations is August 17. They should be based on the candidate’s overall performance in leadership, technical and tactical proficiency, professional values, team-building and interpersonal skills. For more information, visit



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