Deque Systems Software Announces Disruptive Web Technology for Disabled Customers


Preety Kumar, Deque Systems

Deque Systems has unveiled new software that helps make websites and mobile applications more accessible to disabled users. Using a patent-pending approach, the company’s Amaze software provides websites with an accessibility overlay that replaces any inaccessible parts of a webpage with something easier to interpret with a screen reader for the blind.

It means that companies won’t have to go back and rewrite the original source code of a webpage in order to make the information more accessible.

“Amaze not only makes a company’s own site accessible easily and rapidly, but if organizations utilize third-party sites and services for activities like social media, benefits, or even maps, Amaze can also make those resources accessible as well,” added Preety Kumar, CEO of Deque Systems.

Since companies also use a lot of third-party web resources on their own sites, such as a connection to Facebook or an embedded map, some of this third-party material might still be problematic. Using Amaze, a company could fix issues with inaccessible parts of a third-party webpage, faster and cheaper.

“The launch of Amaze provides companies with a faster and easier process to make their digital content available to web users who are disabled,” said Kumar.






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